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Strike Zone Referral Plan


The Strike Zone is pleased to reward players that refer new members to our AAU program.  Word of mouth amongst friends is the oldest and most trusted form of advertising which we would like to promote that within our program.  Our referral program will work as follows:


  • New players, must identify who they were referred by in the Tryout Registration Form (which will be online by July 7th).  This will be strictly enforced as to not create any confusion.  New players may credit multiple people with the referral so long as its depicted on the form. 

  • New players must tryout, agree to play for the Strike Zone in 2016 and pay their initial non-refundable deposit

  • The referring player will receive a $50 credit toward their 2016 tuition.

  • Referral credit will only be applied once the initial deposit is paid by the new player.

  • There is no limit to how many referrals may be collected.


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