Cage Rentals


We advise calling ahead to reserve your cage time as space is limited during the months of February to April.


Cage Rental Price

1/2 HOUR - $20.00 Per Cage

1 /2 HOUR w/HITTRAX - $40.00 Per Cage

1 /2 HOUR w/RAPSODO - $40.00 Per Cage

Private Lesson Rates

1/2 HOUR - $40.00

1 HOUR - $80.00



Yearly MemberShip Rates for 2019-20


Full Membership


October to June Membership - Individual: $500.00 and $100 per additional family member**.


Monthly Membership


Oct. to Dec. : $100 per month, $30.00 per month per additional family member**


Dec. to June : $150 per month *$60.00 per month per additional family member**


**Family members must share the same address as primary members in order to take advantage of the add-on rate. Address verification is required at the time of membership application


AAU Members *** (Players enrolled, with initial deposits paid, for the 2019-20 Season)


$200.00  Full Membership


All Memberships must be paid in full on initial visit






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