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Who we are and what we do:


Zone Select Baseball Program is a college development program primarily for players who have varsity high school experience and aspire to play at the collegiate level. Our primary goal is to have our players showcase their skills and expose them to as many college recruiters and professional scouts as possible.


The Zone Select Program prides itself on playing one of the toughest schedules you will find in the area. The step up in competition from your local Legion or High School programs is intended to challenge each player. The sole purpose of this program is to play this type of schedule and play in tournaments designed to provide the highest level of competition as well as the highest level of college exposure at the same time.


All members of the staff have college or professional experience and are dedicated to helping young athletes achieve their athletic and academic goals.



Games and Practices:


We play in 6 showcase tournaments. Showcase tournaments are designed to draw college coaches from the region to scout high school players in action. We have played at many great facilities including Holy Cross, Stony Brook, Assumption College, Saint Anselm's, Franklin Pierce, SNHU, Bentley, Ftichburg State and the Diamond Nation and Baseball Heaven Complexes.


The Players also participate in the Northeast Select Baseball Prospects Tournament. This tournament is a premier baseball showcase for high school student athletes looking to gain exposure to college / university recruiters and professional scouts in the New England and eastern New York areas.


Hosted in Conjunction with The Strike Zone and The Zone Select AAU Program, the tournament utilizes local high school and college facilities. Additionally, the tournament attracts over 70 teams and more than 50 recruiters on a yearly basis.



Selection Process:


Players for the Select program are just that, selected. Our staff actively recruits at games in the Northeast to recruit the best players we can place together.



What is Included in Tuition:


  • Practice and game fields

  • College recruiting guidance and information

  • Ten Weeks of indoor practices from January until high school season begins in March

  • Participation in 6 showcase tournaments

  • Recruiting Video


Zone Select College Development Baseball

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