Zone Select High School Fall Baseball

We are in the process of putting together our Zone Select High School Fall Baseball Program that is intended to continue the development of your skills.


We will be playing in the NEBC’s College Prep Division at the complex in Northborough and the program will run 9/12 - 10/25:

    • 8 - 9 inning Games on Saturday or Sunday

    • Weekly practice at The Strike Zone

    • Unlimited hitting from September 1st - November 1st (during operating hours - must call in advance)

Price Plan

    • The cost for the 8-week program will be $450 per player if paid in full before 8/1. $500 cost for anyone who signs up after 8/1

    • Each player will receive a Dri-Fit T-Shirt, Zone hat, weekend games and unlimited cage time


If interested, please respond ASAP to We will schedule a try-out ASAP at the Strike Zone!

Spots are limited!!

    We are now accepting registrations to our 2020 Fall Baseball Program.

Teams will be formed depending on interest within each age group.  

AAU Baseball can be intimidating for a player or family to commit to without knowing what is involved or required. The Strike Zone Fall Baseball Program is here to help alleviate any stress you may have in deciding to play.


The Strike Zone sponsors teams ranging from U10 to U14, depending on the level of interest.  If you are unsure about which age group you may fall into, or which age group will benefit you the most, please feel free to contact us.


The Strike Zone Program is here to help players accomplish the following:


  • Get acquainted with the AAU Program, to familiarize yourself with the commitment that is required and what you may expect to gain from the experience.

  • For those moving up to a new level, to familiarize yourself with the larger diamond, prior to your next season.  The extra weeks these players get in advance will greatly improve their transition to the next level the following season.

  • For some, one season of baseball just isn't enough, simple as that.


What you will receive as a Fall Program player;


  • 8 - 12 game schedule, consisiting of double headers each weekend.  Given it is the Fall, and the lovely New England weather may wreak havoc on games, this is not something we can control or guarantee, but do our best to fulfill.

  • Weekly practices, either indoors or outdoors depending on the weather for the length of the season

  • Membership as an AAU member for the 2019 season

  • $5 batting cage fees for the entire Fall at the Strike Zone on Tuesdays and Thursdays


Price Plan.  $300 Per Player


Zone Select AAU Fall Baseball